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Dynamically manage your clients’ margin with powerful exposure management and reporting tools

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News: TS Imagine to offer Cassini analytics to prime brokers & hedge funds
News: TS Imagine to offer Cassini analytics to prime brokers & hedge funds

Utilize flexible margin calculators to service prime brokerage clients and manage risk exposure across your client portfolio.

Client Margin Statements

Automate daily client margin reports. Send calculation results with rule, stress, VaR, and override level drill-down results to explain margin drivers.



Configure policy templates and manage overrides based on position, sector, country, or policy rules across client tiers or specific accounts.

Risk & Exposure Management

Manage risk exposures across your client base and swiftly adapt margin policy parameters to mirror changes in clients’ risk profiles.

What-if Margin

for Clients

Enhance your clients’ trading experience with proactive analytics into the margin impact of new trading, portfolio moves, or position closeouts.

New Client


Experience a streamlined sales and onboarding process that includes rapid evaluation of your client’s potential portfolio margin under hypothetical scenarios.

Reduce development and operational costs

Save time and resources with out-of-the-box PB margin workflow solutions. 

Reduce operational overhead with configurable reporting and margin analysis tools. 

Client exposure management

Reduce counterparty risk across your client portfolio.

Swiftly adapt margin policies to mirror changes in the risk profiles of individual clients or market factors.

Get ahead

of yourself.

Proactively manage margin and counterparty exposures across your client portfolio using customizable house and regulatory margin calculators.

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Enhance client experience

Differentiate from competitors by providing clients with margin analysis tools.

Equip clients with pre-trade margin, attribution, and optimization capabilities. 

Manage counterparty and regulatory risk

Ensure compliance with credit or regulatory limits with real-time exposure management.


Proactively manage risk with automated altering and reporting of desk and client exposures. 

Cassini’s solution has transformed our approach to managing client risk, with its innovative margin and exposure calculations enabling quick assessments of IM for both current and prospective client portfolios through user-friendly UI screens. Cassini empowers us to uphold strong risk management practices while providing top-tier service to our clients.

Front office risk manager

at a leading Prime Broker

We are the intelligent analytics integrated into prominent financial institutions, including:


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Our technology is seamless but, most of all, secure.

As an ISO 27001-certified and SOC-2-compliant technology firm, Cassini holds the foremost industry benchmarks in information security. No matter the chosen functionality or preferred deployment approach, you can trust Cassini to ensure your data’s perpetual safety and security.

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