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Enhance client services with intelligent margin analytics and ‘what-if’ tools

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Insight: Maximizing returns while minimizing risks
Insight: Maximizing returns while minimizing risks

Streamline the onboarding process for new clearing clients and boost client retention, all without the necessity for in-house development. 

New Client


Evaluate client portfolios before onboarding them for clearing services.

Margin for Clients

Help clients understand the margin impact of any new trade in real time.

End-of-Day Margin & Fee Statements

Calculate end-of-day IM for all clearing clients, automate end-of-day reporting processes, and lower operational costs.

Margin Drivers
& Attribution

Equip clients with essential information to analyze their margin usage, saving client support teams time and cost.

Client Limit

Improve credit risk management and implement real-time limit checks to manage client exposure.

Reduce development and operational costs

Save time and resources in client service teams by automating reporting and margin analysis tools. 

Operational improvements

Increase the speed of client onboarding by quickly calculating the margin on client portfolios with ‘what-if’ capabilities. 

Reduce reliance on other internal teams to calculate margin impact results. 

No error

for margin.

 Discover how Cassini’s tools aid clearing brokers in assisting their clients to comprehend and minimize their margin requirements.

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Enhance client experience

Differentiate from competitors by providing clients with margin analysis tools, including pre-trade margin, margin attribution, and optimization. 

Manage counterparty and regulatory risk

Prevent breaches to credit or regulatory limits using real-time exposure management across your client portfolio.

Provide internal teams with automated alerting and reporting of counterparty and regulatory limits. 

As an industry, we have a long-held ambition to deliver collateral impacts and trade opportunities to the decision-makers in the front office. Our work with Cassini to develop Collateral+ to provide the intelligence and pre-trade knowledge to the desk enables State Street to deliver on this.

The Head of Collateral +APAC

at State Street

We are the intelligent analytics integrated into prominent financial institutions, including:


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Our technology is seamless but, most of all, secure.

As an ISO 27001-certified and SOC-2-compliant technology firm, Cassini holds the foremost industry benchmarks in information security. No matter the chosen functionality or preferred deployment approach, you can trust Cassini to ensure your data’s perpetual safety and security.

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