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Enhance fund performance by minimizing drag from margin and collateral costs

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Case Study: How a trillion-dollar Asset Manager set up its margin, collateral, and funding desk
Case Study: How a trillion-dollar Asset Manager set up its margin, collateral, and funding desk

Unlock the power of margin and collateral analytics to reduce costs at all stages of the trade lifecycle.

Clearing Broker

Independently verify broker IM amounts to challenge margin discrepancies.

Margin Efficiency
& Optimization

Reduce margin usage whilst maintaining your fund’s risk profile across positions and strategies.

Margin Drivers
& Attribution

Pinpoint positions and factors driving daily margin and the reasons for day to day changes.

Margin Analysis

Real-time understanding of the margin and cost generated by each new trade before trade execution.


Access the cheapest collateral for margin calls using algorithmic optimization to reduce post-trade costs.

Stress Testing
& Forecasting

Robust stress-testing and forecasting capabilities to understand margin obligations and future liquidity needs.


Reduce regulatory risk and meet regulatory IM calculation obligations.

Minimize portfolio drag

Reduce margin costs at all stages of the trade lifecycle. 


Identify optimal trading routes with pre-trade margin analytics and reduce margin with post-trade margin optimization. 

Maximize returns on assets

Boost fund returns with algorithmic collateral optimization. 


Identify cost-effective collateral positions while reserving premium assets for generating alpha.

Avoid the hazards of guessing

Get a clear view of how margin and collateral costs impact your fund performance before trade execution.


Manage fund liquidity

Validate current and forecast future margin requirements. 


Stress test collateral assets and derivative positions to model future liquidity. 

Regulatory compliance

Reduce regulatory risk and avoid expensive threshold breaches. 


Calculate industry-standard AANA, SIMM, and GRID results for UMR compliance. 

As we execute our Funding and Collateral vision, we will look to take advantage of Cassini’s front-to-back margin and collateral analytics. From pre-trade to end-of-day modules, margin drivers to collateral optimisation – Cassini’s analytics give our company more oversight of our pre-trade decision making and portfolio management.

Director for Derivatives,
Head of Collateral
& Funding Strategy

Global Asset Manager

We are the intelligent analytics integrated into prominent financial institutions, including:


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Our technology is seamless but, most of all, secure.

Being an ISO 27001 certified and SOC-2 compliant technology firm, Cassini holds the foremost industry benchmarks in information security. No matter the chosen functionality or preferred deployment approach, you can trust Cassini to ensure your data’s perpetual safety and security.

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