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Manage margins and ensure liquidity in volatile markets

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Award: Energy markets ‘One to Watch’ status awarded to Cassini
Award: Energy markets ‘One to Watch’ status awarded to Cassini

Use our predictive analytics to calculate current and future margin requirements, providing the insights you need to maintain liquidity in challenging market conditions.

Clearing Broker

Independently verify broker margin amounts to challenge discrepancies.

Margin Drivers
& Attribution

Pinpoint positions and factors driving daily margin and the reasons for day-to-day changes.

Margin Efficiency
& Optimization

Reduce margin usage while maintaining your risk profile and hedging strategies.

Margin Analysis

Real-time understanding of the margin and cost generated by each new position before trade execution.


Meet regulatory IM calculation and backtesting obligations efficiently and with enhanced transparency.

Stress Testing
& Forecasting

Stress-test and forecast future margin, collateral, and funding needs.

Manage liquidity

Validate current and forecast future margin requirements. 


Stress test collateral assets and derivative positions to model future liquidity. 

Validate margin calculations

Verify your FCM and bilateral margin requirements.


Independently calculate CCP/Exchange and Regulatory (e.g., SIMM) margin models. 

Spoiler alert!

Avoid unexpected margin calls and liquidity squeezes by forecasting future margin and collateral needs. 


Analyze drivers

Attribute margin cost to hedging strategies or positions. 


Identify strategies, positions, or instruments that could be closed to raise funds at short notice. 

Regulatory compliance

Reduce regulatory risk and avoid expensive threshold breaches. 


Calculate industry-standard AANA, SIMM, and GRID results for UMR compliance. 

We recognize the value in Cassini’s ability to connect with our brokers…and [how their analytics] will enhance our risk management framework. Cassini has shown us they can provide precisely what we seek regarding margin management and analytics.

Director of Quantitative Analytics
at CF Partners

We are the intelligent analytics integrated into prominent financial institutions, including:


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Our technology is seamless but, most of all, secure.

Being an ISO 27001 certified and SOC-2 compliant technology firm, Cassini holds the foremost industry benchmarks in information security. No matter the chosen functionality or preferred deployment approach, you can trust Cassini to ensure your data’s perpetual safety and security.

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