11 March 2024

Amid market constraints, Cassini emerges as best solution for liquidity risk and capital requirements


LONDON / NEW YORK / SYDNEY / SINGAPORE, 11 March 2024 – The evolving macro-economic landscape, new regulatory requirements, and ongoing geo-political tensions have resulted in higher-margin calls that increase funding costs, introduce new liquidity challenges and impact returns. 


In the APAC region, regulators have taken decisive action to address concerns around collateral and liquidity risks by mandating SFC Type 11 and SPS 530. These changes have accelerated the need for money managers to embrace new front-to-back operating models built on collateral resilience as the key objective.


Cassini has distinguished itself as the leading technology provider solving liquidity risk challenges across the capital structure. Through its comprehensive suite of margin and collateral optimization and stress testing analytics, Cassini provides customers and partners with tools designed to minimize margin requirements and maximize HQLA by calculating the true cost of funding ahead of execution.


Liam Huxley, Founder and CEO of Cassini reflects on the company’s trajectory: “The past year has seen a significant surge in demand for our collateral optimization services. A confluence of factors – from volatility and rising interest rates to regulatory pressures – has compelled firms to seek out efficiencies in liquidity management. It’s gratifying to see our approach, which melds intelligence with innovation, receive global acknowledgment. Our recent accolade, the ‘Best Analytics Solution for Capital Requirements/Liquidity Risk’ at the RegTech APAC Awards 2024, is a testament to our commitment and a signal of the industry’s recognition of our contributions.”


Cassini’s recognition stems from its holistic approach to liquidity management at an important time for managers looking to address organizational challenges resulting from new market dynamics.


The suite of solutions offered by Cassini is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of today’s financial institutions:


  • Intelligent Margin Analytics: Offering firms a clear view of the comprehensive, lifetime cost of trades before execution, enabling better-informed decision-making.
  • Optimal Collateral Allocation: A mathematical model ensuring the most cost-effective use of collateral, addressing new margin requirements while navigating various market conditions.
  • Advanced Forecasting and Stress-Testing: Evaluating pre-defined margin collateral risk scenarios, providing firms with the foresight needed to manage potential challenges proactively.



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About Cassini: 

Cassini, since 2014, has been a forefront provider of margin and collateral analytics for derivatives users, streamlining costs and liquidity management across the trade lifecycle, from pre-trade to end-of-day. Users of our innovative analytics span the buy-side and the sell-side, including asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, clearing brokers and prime brokers. Merging cutting-edge algorithms with intelligence-driven insights, firms can enhance returns, minimize risks, and ensure swift margin calculations for all derivatives. Beyond analytics, Cassini stands as a partner in optimizing trade efficiency and portfolio performance, allowing instant pre-trade cost analysis and ongoing margin management optimization. Additionally, as an ISDA SIMM licensed vendor, Cassini enables hundreds of firms to meet regulatory compliance under the Uncleared Margin Rules. 

Our dedication to innovation and excellence has garnered recognition, including the Best Analytics Solution, Derivatives Technology Provider of the Year and ranked as one of the top 50 Fintech firms in the UK, amongst other awards, and positions us as an intelligent analytical platform beyond traditional legacy systems. For a partnership that empowers smarter margin and collateral management, visit



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