27 October 2022

As collateral optimization and transformation become hot topics, Cassini emerges as industry leader


LONDON / NEW YORK / SYDNEY / HONG KONG, 27 October 2022 – Cassini Systems, the leading provider of pre- and post-trade margin and collateral analytics for derivatives market participants, is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the 6th Edition Global Collateral Management Summit in Barcelona next month. This year’s event will focus on the challenges of compliance, connectivity and cost as global volatility has become the new normal and collateral management has moved to the forefront of companies’ operations. At the conference, Cassini’s Head of Product, Thomas Griffiths, will be participating in a Q&A following the Saxo Bank keynote, as well as speaking on the panel “Collateral Optimization and Transformation.”

A key theme of this conference is improving collateral resilience through analytics and optimization: a concept Cassini has covered in detail in their published article of the same name. As increasing regulation and market upheaval have re-shaped the landscape of the industry over the past years, significant spikes in margin requirements driven by short-term market stress have become a constant hurdle firms must jump.

Within this environment some firms may find themselves with insufficient assets available to meet a margin call: a problem which can be both operationally and financially expensive to solve. Common techniques today include selling assets to free up cash, using expensive credit facilities or utilizing sub-optimal asset allocations to meet the requirement. A resilient collateral operational framework is the key to avoiding these costly situations and overcoming the current volatility.

Liam Huxley, Founder and CEO of Cassini, said: “At Cassini, we have been invested in providing our clients with both the tools and knowledge they need for collateral resilience in today’s market for years. We’re very pleased to see that end users and the rest of the industry are catching on to the importance of accurate collateral analytics and optimization. What was once an overlooked area, now this space is being viewed as “make or break” when it comes to a firm’s success.”

Cassini will be partaking in a Q&A following the Saxo Bank keynote on day one of the conference, “Improving Collateral Resilience through Analytics and Optimization.” The following day, Cassini will be participating in the panel discussion “Collateral Optimization and Transformation,” with current Cassini clients also on the panel.

To learn more about the event or register to attend, click here.

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