30 November 2023

Beyond ‘Systems,’ Beyond expectations: Cassini Systems rebrands as Cassini


The rebrand reflects the firm’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and brings a clear differentiation between its intelligent solutions and traditional legacy systems.


LONDON / NEW YORK / SYDNEY / SINGAPORE, 28 November 2023 – Cassini is the margin and collateral analytics platform for derivatives users. Since its inception in 2014, Cassini has been a pivotal force in transforming derivatives market analytics, equipping buy-side market participants with advanced tools to master the complexities of these ever-evolving markets. As the markets evolve and shift, so does Cassini, announcing a comprehensive rebrand. This reflects its continued innovation and enhanced solutions to meet the dynamic needs of clients and its commitment to deliver exceptional visibility, control, and optimization of margin, liquidity, and collateral costs throughout the entire trade lifecycle.


This rebranding reflects the firm’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and differentiating its intelligent solutions from traditional legacy systems, with Cassini Systems now known simply as Cassini. The renewed focus will see the company leveraging its expertise to address the unique challenges faced by each industry vertical and highlight its mission:

  • Improving returns and reducing operational risk at every step of the trade lifecycle.
  • Minimizing margin exposure.
  • Managing collateral liquidity and risk.
  • Maximizing collateral resilience.
  • Lowering carry cost on any derivative portfolio. 


Liam Huxley, Founder and CEO of Cassini: “We are renewing our website and simplifying our name to embody the clarity and intelligence of our uniquely powerful products. With these changes, we are reinforcing our identity as the leading margin and collateral analytics solution in the market and our dedication to providing an unparalleled intelligent platform, which distinctly sets us apart from monolithic systems. We understand the critical importance of advanced analytics in today’s complex financial markets.

Our tools are designed to offer our clients a unique edge, enabling them to navigate and optimize within the intricate spaces of margin and collateral management with unmatched precision and foresight. This rebrand is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in this field. We offer solutions and a partnership that empowers our clients to achieve superior operational efficiency and resilience. In the evolving landscape of financial markets, Cassini is synonymous with cutting-edge intelligence, operational resiliency, and transformative margin and collateral strategies.”


Lottie Griffiths, Head of Marketing at Cassini: “The rebranding of Cassini symbolizes our evolution and growth as the leader in the margin and collateral analytics space. Our new brand identity aligns with our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to providing our clients with expertise and cutting-edge tools. The new Cassini brand encapsulates our vision for the future and aligns us with our goals – to be the core utility provider of analytics and optimization tools integrated into all capital markets systems across all margin, financing, collateral, and inventory management functions.”


While the rebranding will introduce visual changes, such as a new logo and colors, the commitment to the firm’s mission is cemented. Clients and partners can rest assured there will be no interruption to Cassini’s services or deviation from its mission. The company will continue to listen to the industry and work together to shape the future of margin and collateral analytics for derivatives.



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