2 December 2021

ASFA Webcast: Collateral is now an asset class – controlling margin and funding costs

Beyond 2020 Webcast Series, Episode 22
“Collateral is now an asset class”
In ASFA’s latest webcast, CEO Martin Fahy is joined by Greg Ballesty, APAC lead – Product Specialist and Marc Knaap, Head of Business Development, at global margin analytics specialist, Cassini Systems, to discuss the challenge of bringing international trading teams in-house and in-line with derivatives regulation, and how super funds can best control margin, collateral, and its related funding costs.

The conversation also covers:

  • preparing for the threat of further international market dislocation
  • greater government regulation and the race to UMR Phase 6 compliance
  • Cassini Systems’ new partnership with State Street.

Click the below image to watch the episode

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