Case study: How Cassini helped a Phase 4 Hedge Fund reach front-to-back compliance with UMR


This global top-tier Hedge Fund Manager, based in the US, is active within the over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) markets, as well as securities lending and repo. Like most other firms in the industry, they needed to become compliant with UMR and substantially increase their regulatory IM vs the non-regulatory IM. 

Choosing the right SIMM™ software and analytical tools was fundamental for this firm to approach funding, liquidity, and operational challenges more strategically, minimize their impact, and, ultimately, optimize their portfolio to get the best performance possible.

This case study delves into how this Hedge Fund Manager onboarded Cassini for front-to-back compliance with UMR, the issues they previously faced, and why they chose Cassini’s SIMM and analytical solution to cover the entire lifecycle of a trade.

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